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CRM implementation: a turn-key project or a journey?

When you start to implement a new CRM system, some work is always required. In essence there are three options for CRM implementation: you do the whole project yourself from start to finish; you do the bulk of the work but kick things off with an external trainer or consultant; or you buy the whole project from and focus on other things yourself. Each of these have their pros and cons.

CRM implementation

Practicing your DIY skills with CRM implementation is an option

Doing the whole CRM implementation project yourself is not a bad option if you have the time and resources to learn the new system and its functionalities and settings – and also set up all the system settings, do testing and make modifications. In practice, this means a lot of studying: videos, knowledge base articles, forum posts and visiting search engines until you’re on a first-name basis. The good thing is that you really learn by doing, and in the end, you know your system inside out.

The flip side of the coin is the fact that your new CRM will be just as good as how skilled you are with it. If you don’t put a lot of effort into the implementation, results will also be slim. And the risk is that once you get annoyed with a messy and inefficient system, you will need a consultant’s help anyway to sort it out.

When you decide to do it yourself from start to finish, make sure you have allocated enough time to study the system. Be prepared to also teach others about using the system.

Hybrid: benefits of DIY while getting experienced help

Especially for smaller organizations, the most time and cost-effective way of implementing a CRM is to get a consultant to help but still do the bulk of the work yourself. That way, the task is completely under your control, but you have an experienced trainer sitting next to you, explaining the things, functions and tasks that are crucial in your case. Using this shortcut, you can skip hours of video watching and knowledge-based article reading – and as a bonus, you get to ask questions and get instant answers.

For this reason, Zimple has developed a new way of doing Pipedrive implementation. This way, we stay in the role of a guide, coach and trainer and let you create an environment suitable for you by utilizing all the information given by us. Working like this will ensure that our customers understand Pipedrive, its logic and functions thoroughly and are also able to further develop their environment in the future. We still offer the knowledge we have through extensive experience for customers so that you are able to make the right decisions for you.

Typically an implementation project done this way consists of two to three workshops with Zimple, your work in between the workshop sessions and finally, a user training for all your users given by an experienced Pipedrive trainer. We have received a lot of positive feedback on this modular way of working, saying that workshops give them so much more skills and understanding in a few hours than they would ever have been able to figure out themselves.

A full CRM implementation package is the most comprehensive

Naturally, we also offer CRM implementation packages where the responsibility of setting up a new Pipedrive is on Zimple. We are still able to get the new system up and running fast in just a few weeks, but the customer’s own work is not that much needed.

When Zimple delivers the whole CRM implementation, it means that you will immediately get a very comprehensive, versatile and automated system. We already have the tricks, best practices, workarounds and know-how to make the most of the subscription level you chose. Your job is to describe your sales process, goals and KPIs you follow; our job is to set up a Pipedrive that will deliver those.

A complete CRM implementation service is suitable for larger or otherwise more demanding sales organisations, where resources want to be focused on productive work and then get extensive user and admin training. There’s always the learning curve with a new system, but after Zimple’s implementation service, you are further than you would be after a DIY project.

What way of CRM implementation suits you best?

Choose your CRM implementation method based on how you want to allocate your “initial investment”. When you do everything yourself, it costs you working time, but you receive no invoices. Working together with us in workshops and training sessions will cost you a little bit, but it will also save you a considerable amount of time. A full implementation package is the most expensive way, but on the other hand, you are able to gain those back at the same time with your own work – and especially after the implementation by the boost of a top-notch system.

Based on our transparency values, we always offer our customers what they actually need and what will bring the best result for them. That’s why we often recommend to our SMB customers the workshop-based implementation with us. The benefit of that is learning fast and not being dependent on consultants in the future. It’s like a shortcut to data-driven sales and sales management.

Still unsure about how to handle your CRM implementation? We help companies worldwide with any Pipedrive-related needs. Contact us!

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