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Sales Engineer / Technical consultant

Zimple is a company focusing on CRMs and sales technologies, taking care of sales teams and their tools in the Nordic countries. Our main product is Pipedrive CRM which we enhance with our own products developed by our very own developers. We want to be Sales Directors’ close partners and make sure they make the most out of their sales tech to successfully lead their team.

The values directing our operations are openness, professionalism, team spirit and trust. We always work together to reach our goals and avoid dodginess in everything we do – we are open and transparent in our operations both internally and to our customers. The aim is to make the customer so skilled with their system that after implementation, we are only needed for the occasional sparring session.

Zimple is also driving significant growth: we have expanded our Customer Success team in Finland and are now setting up one in Sweden, too. This is where you are needed! You have an excellent opportunity to come and grow with us.

What would be your role in this?

Sales Engineer is a role that will have a huge impact on the skill level and how extensive our overall offering is at Zimple.

You are a proactive and customer-oriented person who enjoys searching for customers’ pain points and figuring out solutions to them. You like guiding customers and building long-term customer relationships. You are supported by the whole Zimple team in Finland but are a key player in opening up new markets in the Nordic region together with the newly-hired Head of Customer Success in Sweden.

What does it take to be our new Sales Engineer?

We expect you to have decent experience on leading technical projects from sales to execution and maintenance. By technical projects, we mean API connection and automation logic building based on client requirements. The tools we use for low-coding are mainly make.com and sometimes Zapier. We are, however, open to any new mechanism of creating low-effort, high-value code.

We are obviously using Pipedrive CRM with its native automation builder, but your tasks will go beyond Pipedrive. You will be building low-code/no-code tools and apps for the Pipedrive audience.

Being familiar with Pipedrive CRM is definitely an advantage, but experience with any CRM will give you a good basis for the role. You are located in Sweden and speak fluent Swedish with the customers.

Your daily tasks will include these, among others:

  • Presales with high quality presentation towards clients
  • Specifications with good overall understanding of the subject matter
  • Planning for low-maintenance, high value customizations
  • Execution of different kinds of integrations and automation logic
  • Support existing clients with the technical setup
  • Communicate with the product team and the revenue team about upcoming and ongoing cases

The skills you need to have in the Sales Engineer role:

  • Client skills
  • Process planning skills
  • Logical thinking
  • Understanding of relational databases
  • Understanding of low-code/no-code platforms
  • Basic understanding of coding/scripting
  • Understanding of REST API’s

About Zimple

Zimple is filled with people who want to take the company to the next level. We have big plans and are determined to fill them – with this group of great people we’re able to do anything!

As you will be a very small team of two in Sweden at first, you will work remotely from any location (in Sweden). Traveling to Finland will be needed regularly, since our HQ is there, but the Finnish people will also come to meet you as needed. The Finnish team will give you all the training, backup, resources and materials you need to succeed – all you need to do is realize our dream of becoming the #1 Pipedrive partner in Sweden.

We offer you a full-time job with a negotiable salary + bonuses.

Why Zimple?

We have a team that moves the company forward rapidly. Our company has big plans and a firm intention to realize them – with such a good team, we can do anything.

At Zimple, we value the fact that there is life outside of work as well. We understand that we make a better result when we also break away from work. Even development requires space to think, and that’s why everyone has a Zimple day once a month. During that day, you can do what you need to develop: you can walk in the forest and listen to a podcast, read professional literature, watch webinars or play the guitar and meditate on the deep things that have been born, as our CRO Juho does. The most important thing is, after the day you have new ideas for your work.

A self-motivated person who understands the core of their work and acts accordingly works best at Zimple. Even creative ideas are not alien to us and we are easily excited by suggestions. We have our own dev team, which implements not only customer projects and our own products, but also other automations, code, integrations and hacks that develop our operations. If you figure out how to make your work easier, just do it!

Working at Zimple takes place flexibly remotely and in the office according to your own needs. We try to meet face-to-face regularly, but otherwise you get to choose where you work best. There are now about ten other people from Zimple, but the group is about to grow as our world conquest accelerates!

How does the application process proceed?

We aim to have the person starting in May, but the sooner we hear from you, the better.

Do send your CV and cover letter to recruitment@zimple.io on March 31 the latest – but we will be reading applications and contacting people all the time, so don’t hesitate!

For more information, please contact Juho (juho.koski@zimple.io /+358 40 027 7049) or the recruitment email. Ask us anything, we’re here to answer your questions!

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