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Zimple is a company focused on CRM and sales technologies that wants to take good care of Finnish sales teams and their tools. Our main product is Pipedrive CRM, which we supplement with our own products with the help of our own devi team. We want to be a close partner of the sales manager and make sure that he gets the most out of his tools to successfully lead his team.

The values that guide our operations are openness, professionalism, teamwork and trust. We work together and avoid all secrecy – we are open in our operations both within the company and towards our customers. Our goal is to get the customer a good CRM, not to sell consulting hours. In fact, we want our clients to be so proficient with their system that we are only needed for the occasional sparring session.

Zimple is also looking for strong growth: during 2024, we will grow our team in Finland and establish another one in Sweden as well. Would you be interested in growing with us?

You can send us an open, free-form application at any time to recruitment@zimple.io. It would be nice to hear about you and your expertise!

Why Zimple?

We have a team that moves the company forward rapidly. Our company has big plans and a firm intention to realize them – with such a good team, we can do anything.

At Zimple, we value the fact that there is life outside of work as well. We understand that we make a better result when we also break away from work. Even development requires space to think, and that’s why everyone has a Zimple day once a month. During that day, you can do what you need to develop: you can walk in the forest and listen to a podcast, read professional literature, watch webinars or play the guitar and meditate on the deep things that have been born, as our CRO Juho does. The most important thing is, after the day you have new ideas for your work.

A self-motivated person who understands the core of their work and acts accordingly works best at Zimple. Even creative ideas are not alien to us and we are easily excited by suggestions. We have our own devi team, which implements not only customer projects and our own products, but also other automations, code, integrations and hacks that develop our operations. If you figure out how to make your work easier, just do it!

Working at Zimple takes place flexibly remotely and in the office according to your own needs. We try to meet face-to-face regularly, but otherwise you get to choose where you work best. There are now about ten other people from Zimple, but the group is about to grow as our world conquest accelerates!

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