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lead management in pipedrive

Lead management in Pipedrive

We all have the problem of drowning in hot leads and not having any idea where to shove them all? No? Well, even if you get slightly less leads, it is still important to pay attention to their efficient adding, qualifying and handling. Leads are too valuable to lose.

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Pipedrive playbook

Pipedrive playbook template by Zimple is a tool intended to help you create and document your own best practices. The playbook will help both in setting up practical everyday use as well as specifying more versatile scenarios.

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Which plan suits you?

Pipedrive has several plans for different needs. It might be difficult to know what each of the plans include just by looking at their names. In this blog post we’ll give you a short description of each of the plans and who they fit best…

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Pipedrive deployment

Pipedrive is one of the world’s most popular CRM systems. But how do you deploy a CRM system and how do you use it to boost sales processes in only a few weeks?

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