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Zimple works with customers on all stages of their Pipedrive journey. Whether you are only starting with your very first CRM, switching over from another CRM to Pipedrive or looking to scale up your use, we know how to help you. Zimple also offers additional helpdesk support for your admin user for those trickier customer-specific questions.

Pipedrive licences

As a Pipedrive Elite Partner, Zimple offers Pipedrive licences for the same price as when buying directly from Pipedrive. We make sure you get the subscription plan that matches your needs.

We want to really know our customers and give you also continuous support. Pipedrive licence billing is done by invoice – no credit cards needed.


We have done countless CRM implementation projects for companies of all sizes. Our priority is to ensure a smooth and quick implementation process. We also make sure the system is tailored exactly to your needs and supports your unique sales process.

A typical CRM implementation project with Zimple takes only about four to six weeks. We train both users and admins so that they feel confident in using Pipedrive. Our aim is to make you as skilled with Pipedrive as we are! 


Have you recruited new sales reps? Or started to use a new Pipedrive add-on? Do you want to get the most out of your reporting, or maybe your admin users need a bit of help with modifying the system?

Pipedrive training by Zimple is your answer. We can do one-to-one trainings on a certain subject or online trainings for a whole group. All training is done by Pipedrive certified specialists.

Connecting Pipedrive with other systems

A CRM is not an island. Customer data often needs to carried over to other systems to make working efficient. Maybe you want to send deal data directly to billing, or perharps your ERP could benefit with a little information sharing with your CRM?

Zimple’s dedicated developers’ team will connect your Pipedrive with all other necessary systems. Your sales should be working with customers, not copy-pasting data from one system to another. We have implemented integrations between Pipedrive and Jira, Monday, Cobra sys, Office 365 services, Google products and several other systems.

We have very handy low- or even no-code options available too. They make transferring data from one system to another quick and efficient (read: cheap).

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