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Avila Pipedrive

Avila x Zimple

Avila had used Pipedrive already for some time, but they needed help expanding its use. With Zimple, a fresh start was made in an agile way.

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Seppo x Zimple

The cooperation with Zimple has helped Seppo to streamline its business operations. Read more about why Seppo recommends Zimple!

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Vizlib x Zimple

Vizlib had challenges with managing customer renewals effectively. Zimple helped to overcome the challenge and revolutionize the process.

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HIFK x Zimple

HIFK successfully improved sales productivity and enhanced communication by implementing Pipedrive with the assistance of Zimple.

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Pipedrive workflow automations

Sales automation: what and why? Concrete examples!

One of the best functions of a CRM is the ability to automate recurring tasks.This is also often mentioned when demoing Pipedrive, but just saying “workflow automation” does not really mean anything. What can you actually do with them that would make a sales rep’s and sales leader’s life easier?

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lead management in pipedrive

Lead management in Pipedrive

We all have the problem of drowning in hot leads and not having any idea where to shove them all? No? Well, even if you get slightly less leads, it is still important to pay attention to their efficient adding, qualifying and handling. Leads are too valuable to lose.

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