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Pipedrive Deployment

Pipedrive is one of the world’s most popular CRM systems. But how do you deploy a CRM system and how do you use it to boost sales processes in only a few weeks? 


The hottest CRM system in the market, Pipedrive

The Pipedrive CRM system is a customer management system which, when used effectively, provides tools for managing existing customers, as well as identifying potential customers and acquiring new customers. Above all, Pipedrive provides a platform for managing the entire sales process and it takes closing deals to a new level. 

The intuitive Pipedrive, designed by sales professionals themselves, primarily takes into account the needs of salespeople. It is easy to take into use, but the best sales results are reached by deploying the full potential of the versatile CRM system. This is where we come in.  

Naturally, just downloading software does not guarantee success for sales teams. Therefore, we at Zimple, in addition to effortless deployment of a CRM system, want to enable the best methods for managing each sales team’s sales process and forecasting and monitoring results for our new customers. We also offer specialist services to existing Pipedrive users who want to boost their sales processes and make the most of their CRM system.


Zimple’s package options for Pipedrive

It is possible to purchase the Pipedrive system through Zimple at the same affordable price as directly from Pipedrive. But we at Zimple also offer support and consulting to our customers in all things related to Pipedrive.  

 We have built four Pipedrive packages for our customers, which make purchasing and deploying a CRM system truly effortless. Each package includes both the Pipedrive system and deployment consulting. The basic package is often all that is needed for small organisations, but if you want to get a more in-depth understanding of your new system, we recommend the more comprehesive packages.  In addition to the out of the box package options, we can naturally customise deployment and/or consultation solutions according to companies’ individual needs.  

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The Pipedrive implementation process is simple 

Pipedrive implementation with Zimple is fast and simple. The actual implementation phase typically takes only about two to four weeks, during which the CRM system is customised to meet the wishes and needs of each customer company. The sales team will then have access to the new system.  

 Deployment does not in itself mean only installing software and providing instructions on the use of the interface. The project is considerably more in-depth, and aims at making the most of the system in terms of the company’s capital gains. Creating profitable sales processes, integrating the right tools into the system and generating reporting and monitoring procedures that are relevant to the company’s goals require Zimple’s consultants to become familiar with the customer company’s current practices, sales processes, strategies and goals. 


Implementation step by step

We start with workshops where you explain your sales process and needs. Zimple’s consultant asks questions as needed, gives you insight on what you could be doing with Pipedrive that you previously were not able to do, and ensures all needed information is received.

Then it’s time to actually set up your Pipedrive: pipelines, data fields, automations etc. This takes a couple weeks, and then we do a demo. We’ll show the project team how the sales process works in Pipedrive and how the sales reps should work. Based on the customer’s feedback we make changes and fine tuning, and then: it’s time for actual onboarding.

Zimple will give training to all your Pipedrive users. Every year we train close to a thousand users, so we dare to say we know what the users need. All most common questions are answered.

But the project is not over after training. We’ll still have a project closing meeting together to hear the first impressions from users and see if there’s anything that needs changing right away. We will also organise 1-2 follow-up meetings to make sure you are off to a smooth start with Pipedrive.


And after that? 

Learning a straightforward interface with visual sales pipelines and reports is quick, but thoroughly internalizing the changes in practice and new things introduced by the new CRM system will understandably take the sales team a little longer.  

However, the sales team will not be left alone with the new CRM system and new practices, because Zimple reserves a total of up to  three months for working on the implementation process together. During this time, we ensure that the use of the system supports the goals of the sales team, and that the tools best suited for each team are available.  

 During the first few months, fine-tuning is possible, once the salespeople and sales managers are using the system as part of their everyday work. During the first months, new ideas and wishes related to using the system usually emerge, and they can be further refined together with Zimple’s consultants.  

During the onboarding process, Zimple’s consultants are responsible for all the necessary actions from the actual deployment to documentation, and they are involved in brainstorming innovations related to the sales process. The consultants make sure that learning the new system and/or new ways of working is pleasant and, above all, smooth. The sales management must also reserve enough time for the project. This ensures that the CRM will correspond to their needs in the best possible way. 


Uploading useful data

Use of data must also be considered when deploying a new CRM system. For example, how to organise the location of existing data, its possible migration to the new system, purging expired data and, of course, collecting new data. 

Zimple specialists assess case-by-case if it is worth importing old data into the new system, and when necessary, help with the data migration.  


Pipedrive in the management of Zimple’s own projects

In addition to sales process management and customer data maintenance, the versatile Pipedrive, adjustable to accommodate different needs, can be applied to manage other projects, as well. Zimple is a living example of it, because we also use the CRM system, which is designed to manage sales processes in our own customer projects.  

Even though our deployment and consultation projects are not about sales processes, they do have a surprising resemblance. In practice, this means that when our customer orders a Pipedrive CRM system from us, we complete the project using Pipedrive ourselves. Pipedrive is even releasing a completely new module just for Project Managers to make sure all valuable customer information is collected in one place even after the sales process.

 At Zimple, a Pipedrive deployment and consulting project progresses from the “sales pipeline” after the contract is signed to the new Projects module.. The consultant who is responsible for the Pipedrive delivery project to our customer company is entered as the project owner. The project forms different activities and tasks  for Zimple consultants as the process moves forward, just like in sales processes.

 Using Pipedrive, we are able to offer our customers a smooth and convenient deployment process, adhering to the agreed schedule.

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