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Which plan suits you?

Pipedrive has several plans for different needs. It might be difficult to know what each of the plans include just by looking at their names. In this blog post we’ll give you a short description of each of the plans and who they fit best.


The plans are called Essential, Advanced, Professional, Power and Enterprise. Upgrading your plan can happen any time, but downgrading can only be done at the end of each billing period.




The Essential plan has all the basics you need to start off your CRM journey. This is a good choice for a private entrepreneur or for a small business that only needs a very light CRM. This plan will give you the basic features such as 


  • customisable sales pipelines
  • basic reporting
  • data import and export
  • calendar sync (Outlook ja Gmail)
  • Pipedrive mobile app

The Essential plan brings you also the API interface possibilities, so exporting data from one system to another can easily be done on this plan too. 


What the Essential plan lacks, however, is email synchronization (Outlook and Gmail), product management, important fields and most of all: workflow automation. With automations you can automate a wide variety of repetitive tasks in Pipedrive (reminders, activities, email sending etc.). 


Summary: The Essential plan will get you started and is a good choice for a small company who wants to see what benefits a CRM system could bring them. For a reasonable price you get all the basic features and take your first steps into the CRM world.


Price: £14,90 per user with annual billing (monthly: £19,90/month/user).





The Advanced plan is the most popular choice. Compared to Essential, it brings several extra features, such 


  • Email synchronization
  • Product management
  • Important data fields
  • Workflow automation

A simple, yet very powerful, automation is automating activity creation. For example: As a deal moves forward in your sales pipeline, sales activities can be created based on your company’s sales process. Then activities such as “call customer about the quote” is not dependent on the sales agent’s energy levels. If your sales process states that 7 after sending a proposal you should call the customer, let Pipedrive take care of reminding the sales agents of the call.


It is also possible to automate email sending to customer. After a case is won or moved to a certain stage in Pipedrive, you can automatically send a “Thank you for choosing us” email – no manual work, no delays.


The product feature will enable you to manage the products and services your company sells. By attaching the sold products to each sales case you will be able to create reports on how your products are and are not selling. The product management feature can easily be customized according to your specific needs too.


The email sync will save email conversations (including attachments) with customers to Pipedrive. This way all important customer information is found in one place, and returning to any conversation with a customer even after a longer period of time is easy. You can also create email templates for yourself or for the whole team to use.


As a summary: The Advanced plan will bring you several important features especially if you work in B2B. It’s a great choice for small and medium sized businesses.


Price: £24,90 per user with annual billing (monthly billing £29,90/month/user).





The Professional plan is best for organisations needing visibility restrictions between sales teams. The Professional plan allows you to restrict who sees what. It will also bring you more comprehensive reporting options, and a possibility to set required data fields that must be filled in.


the Professional plan includes everything the Advanced plan has, and also:


  • required fields
  • specifying teams and visibility groups
  • comprehensive reporting options
  • improved data security functions
  • group emailing
  • Contacts timeline function
  • Smart Docs for quick proposal/agreement creation

Forcing certain fields is a good tool when you want to make sure that all important information is filled in before e.g. winning a deal. This ensures you also get the most out of your reporting and forecasting. Required fields is an important function especially when you want to enforce a new sales process.


The enhanced reporting options allows users to create several reporting dashboards and utilise your own custom fields in reporting. This gives you a very comprehensive look on your sales team’s performance.


The data security functions will give you a security dashboard to track who is using the system and with what device, in addition to other data security functions.


Group emailing enables you to send emails to up to a hundred recipients at once. This is handy when you want to reach a number of prospects or customers with the same message.


Summary: If you organisation requires comprehensive reporting or has a need to limit the visibility or user rights in more detail, the Professional plan is the right choice. Many features that aim to cater for bigger organisations or ones that work in a very organised manner are only available on this plan. The Professional plan makes sure your carefully thought-out sales process is effectively used.


Price: £49,90 per user with annual billing (monthly billing £59,90 /month/user).





The Power plan is for organizations who need more automations, teams and visibility groups for their usage. Power plan also includes the Project add-on for all users.

The Power plan is a great choice for organizations who need more functions for their growing team.


Price: £64,90 per user with annual billing (monthly billing £74,90 /month/user).




The Enterprise plan includes everything the Power plan does, but with no limitations. The number of open deals, reports, dashboards, user teams or visibility groups is unlimited.


The Enterprise plan is a good choice for large organisations that have multiple sales teams possibly in several countries.


Price: £79 per user with annual billing (monthly billing £99 /month/user).




Not always you need to upgrade your plan. There are also a number of add-ons you can get to get more out of your Pipedrive. Many of the add-ons make especially lead generation and marketing a lot easier.





The long awaited Campaigns feature enables you to send quality email marketing campaigns to your prospects and clients. Never before has it been so easy to create a newsletter or campaign email and send it to all your most valued customers or important prospects! You already have all your contact information in Pipedrive, why not use them for some clever email marketing before, during and after the sales process?


Campaigns has all the basic functionalities you need from an email marketing tool: a very easy-to-use drag and drop email creation function, ability to create drip campaigns, and automations to make sure all your leads get the same important messages at the right time without manual work.


Contact us for more information!



With Pipedrive Projects you can easily manage your internal and external Projects easily inside Pipedrive. With Projects you can setup templates for those recurring projects for your organization or create customer projects based on your needs. Projects add-on can be included to Essential, Advanced and Professional plans, and is included in Power and Enteprise plans.

Pricing from £6,70/month/user with annual billing.





This effective but easy-to-use lead collection package will get you more leads to work with. You can talk to your leads in live chat or using a chatbot, or direct them to you with web forms. The Prospector will in turn find your next lead in the global 400 million profile database. The LeadBooster gives you versatile tools for fishing for leads!


Pricing from £39/month/company with annual billing.




This add-on will give you the names of the organisations that are visiting your website. The Webvisitors add-on will reveal how they found you, what are they doing on your website and how long they stay there. This will give you a better understanding of the needs and desires of your hottest leads and your current customers.


Pricing from £41/month/company with annual billing.


If you purchase your Pipedrive  through us you can be certain that your licence plan and add-ons are exactly what your organisation needs. We also offer implementation services and other help to ensure your whole team knows what they are doing.


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