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A CRM is an efficient and versatile tool when used consistently and in a uniform manner. Zimple will take care of your implementation project, but every organisation must figure out the details on how they use Pipedrive in their everyday life.

Pipedrive playbook is designed to help you.

There are no right or wrong ways of using Pipedrive, but it is important to agree on common ways of working that cater for your organisation’s needs. These best practices will help you get reliable and up-to-date data for reporting. Working in a uniform way across your team(s) will increase usability of the system, too. A clear, clean system is pleasant to use for everyone.

The Pipedrive playbook template by Zimple is a tool intended to help you create and document your own best practices. The playbook will help both in setting up practical everyday use as well as specifying more versatile scenarios. The playbook is also an excellent help when onboarding new team members. When everything is documented in a Pipedrive playbook, it will support every day working with the CRM and is an excellent help especially for new employees or ones only starting out with Pipedrive. It is also a great tool for developing Pipedrive – implementing a CRM is never a project, but a process.

It might feel a bit overwhelming to fill in the playbook and that’s okay! Zimple will help your organisation to find the best practices for your special working environment. Just contact our experts if you want to learn more about how we can help you with your Pipedrive and your playbook.

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