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Get rid of annoying calendar ping pong - with Pipedrive Scheduler!

One of Pipedrive’s hidden gems is the very practical Propose times function, also known as the Scheduler. With the function you can send the customer a link to your calendar to book a meeting for a time that suits both of you.

Using Scheduler is very easy and you always have full control over your calendar. You set the times you are available for meetings and give the customer a link to your calendar. They choose a suitable time from any slots you have open and book a meeting with you. Quick, efficient and a lot less frustrating than fourteen emails with time suggestions for a single 30 minute meeting.

The cherry on top is that in the meeting invitation you receive, there is even a direct link to also reschedule or cancel the meeting! So never again do you need to have an email ping pong match to book or postpone a meeting. Heart emojis would definitely be suitable here.

So how does one set up the Scheduler?

The Scheduler is available for all users at all subscription plans, and each user can manage the function themselves on their own Pipedrive account. It’s possible to set several meeting types of different lengths in Scheduler; e.g. a 15-minute call, 30-minute introduction meeting, 60-minute demo meeting and an 8 h workshop. Note that with the Essential and Advanced subscription plans you can only have one meeting type active at a time.
You can set the availability for different meeting types in Pipedrive’s Activities section by clicking on the “Propose times” button.

As a default, the drop-down menu offers you a 60-minute long availability called Meeting. You can either modify this or start fresh with a new one by selecting Manage availability. You can also pick selected time slots from your calendar to propose for an individual meeting. In this case, choose “Pick times”.

You can set availability times of different lengths for each week day. For example, if you are only able to give 30-minute introduction meetings on certain days of the week, you can select those days only and leave out the days you’re not available. Alternatively, if your calendar is open every day at the same time for that kind of work, you can just set the times for Monday and copy the availability for all week days. Due to the calendar sync, the system knows to block out any existing and new reservations from your scheduling calendar in real time.
In the buffer and time settings you can set a minimum of 15-minute buffer time before the next meeting starts. In addition, you can determine if the meetings are allowed to start every hour, half an hour, 15 minutes or 10 minutes.
After you’ve set all time settings, you can modify the invitation sent to the meeting participant.

The information on the left hand side is visible to whoever books the meeting. Note that you are able to also add a Teams, Zoom or Google Meet video call link automatically to the meeting invitation.

The right hand side pane will be visible in Pipedrive for you and other Pipedrive users. You can set the activity type that is created in Pipedrive for each booking, and also set a default text in the note field for internal information.
After this the availability is ready for use and you can start adding the calendar link to your emails. You can even add it into your email signature or embed it on your company website’s contact section! This will make booking a meeting with you as effortless as possible.


As a result, the view for the person making the booking is the following:

Finally: it’s good to note that this function requires you to sync your email and your calendar with Pipedrive. This means the feature is not available on the Essential subscription plan. The best option is to sync your calendar with a two-way sync so that all activities in your calendar are taken into account. If your email is not synced with Pipedrive, the Propose times tab will be shown in Pipedrive next to the Activities tab in any deal, person or organization view.

We strongly recommend you to try this one! Setting up meetings is a lot more effortless and both your and the customer’s time is saved up for something more productive. If you have any questions, just let us know

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